Tax Attorney Houston

If you recognize that any of the following circumstances apply to you personally, you might take it as a signal that you should consider hiring a tax attorney Houston.
If you can’t remember when was the last time you filed an income tax return with the Internal revenue Service, you might need to hire a tax attorney Houston to review your IRS account. Even if you do not owe the Internal Revenue Service any money, a tax attorney Houston may be able to find refunds to which you are entitled, but have not collected them.
If you get an assessment letter from the Internal Revenue Service, it might be a right time to look for a tax attorney Houston. An assessment letter from the Internal Revenue Service means that the IRS has determined that you owe them money. If you have an attorney act on your behalf, you should be able to work out a suitable settlement.
If the Internal Revenue Service files a Federal Tax Lien against you, you should employ a tax attorney Houston right away. A Federal Tax Lien will attach itself to everything that you own. All your property becomes at risk under such a collections process with no credit check loans.
The IRS may, also, try to garnish your wages. When you are under garnishment, it means your employer will remove the garnished amount directly from your pay and it will be sent to the IRS.
If you are a business owner and the IRS levels a Trust Fund Recovery Act penalty against you, search for the counsel of a tax attorney Houston. The Trust Fund Recovery Act Penalty acts in response to non-payment of employee withholding and it can be really harsh.